Prayer List

The Prayer List is intended for those who are ill and are requesting prayers for healing. A person may place themselves on the Prayer Request list. Or someone else may request prayers for a friend or a loved one but the person on the list should know that they are on list. There are many reasons why you may want to request prayers for healing: physical, emotional, spiritual, marital, and family problems all require healing at some time. Each member of the parish is asked to pray for those on the list. For more information please contact the rectory.




Irene Kimball
Richard Cerci
Nikki Bosse
Alison LaLond
Joe Bosse
Michael MacDonald
Ann Storti
Susan Lynch
Roy Conrad
Mark DeLuca
Aline Clish
Fr. Ed McLaughlin
Maureen Ronan
Diane Naugthton
William F. Borden
Frances D'Arcangelo
Kristina D'Arcangelo
John D'Arcangelo
Charlene D'Arcangelo
Gianna & Joe Cuccarello
Donna Dvorak
George Corr
Mary & Louis O'Donnell
Dorothy Howe
Margaret Rogerson
Nancy O'Connor
Brendan Handrahan
Janet Johnson
Mark O'Reilly
Christina Wedge
Brooke DiBon
John Vass
Anthony Lambiase
Sam Asci
Wayne & Louise Goodwin
Nelson Powers
Lana Thomas
Don Kitchell
Bill Browne
Russell L. Clifford Jr.
Ruth Russell
Jack, Sheila, Joseph McElhiney
Mary Ellen Johnson
Robert Small
Madison Murray
Rita LoCicero
Fedela Nuovo
Susan Collins
Baby Isabella
Cittadino Family
Nora Savoy
Frank McCarthy
Mary Saikin
Steve & Evelyn Mason
Annette Tarentino
Ronald Federico
MaryLou Marks

Don Kitchell
Carah Finn
John & Steven Webb
Daniel LaRusso
Richard Dolan
Bill Neyman
Annette Moriarty
Judy Potts
Albert Federico
Bill Neyman
Joanne Rawson
Debbie Sperre
Dawn Bono
David LaRosa
Bill Monaghan
Ann Storti
Karen Debenedictis
Manuel Amaral
Gerald Ahl
Henry "Harry" Wedge
Harry Hewins
Floyd Weaver
Barbara O'Hear
Christopher MacDonald
Kim Santagata
Ann Sullivan
Jean Lavin
Jeannette Shalginewicz
Gary Saccocia
Elaine McKeon
Kirra Lee Callahan
Teresa Barris
Joseph Recco
The Shearing Family
Bill Osborne
Alex Hankey
Bob Cass
Jean Tilden
Dorothy Romano
Chris Golden
Joe Zbinsk
The residents of Sachem & Westview